Practise Areas

Direct Deals & Management Services

Services across continents:
  • General trading services & deals (import, export, logistics, L/C financing); PMO services
  • Company transactions (direct equity/ debt), LP stakes, valuations, SPAs
  • Crypto transactions, diamond, precious metals, cash

We consult on deals including direct company investments complemented by trading and Project Management Office (PMO) services.

Areas of Expertise


About 21 million carats a year of global diamond production — including about 14 million a year from Argyle (biggest diamond mine in Austrialia that’s being closed in 2019) — are scheduled to exit the market by 2023, a volume that’ll only partially be offset by the addition of new mines.

The shortfall between annual demand and supply could be between 11 million and 35 million carats by 2023. Prices will be on the rise.


With BitCoin initial release in 2009 this decentralized digital currency gained massive popularity for the past 10-years. Mainly due to the fact that it operates without a central bank or single administrator supervision.

BitCoins (or Satoshis) can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries. In 2019 the BitCoin supply in circulation reached +17.5M and with a system cap on supply limit being 21M BitCoins we expect the BitCoin prices to soar to above 100,000USD/ per BitCoin. Exciting market to be involved in.

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